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Model P0135

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Nominal effort of the press, ts 315
The greatest course of the plunger of the main cylinder, mm 600
Nominal pressure of a working liquid, kgs/cm2 200
Speed of the main plunger, mm / sec 
At a working course 3
At idling 30
At a returnable course 45
The greatest distance between end faces of plungers, mm 2500
Diameter of the producing product (wheel), mm 950-1064
The greatest diameter of the neck of the pressing axes, mm 192
Distance from an axis of the plunger of the main cylinder up to a level of a floor, mm 1030
The established capacity of electric motors, kw 34
Overall dimensions, mm 
From left to right 7500
In front back 1710
Height 2800
Height above a level of a floor, mm 2510
Weight of the press, kg 30600
Weight of the unit, kg 31000

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