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Models PA2642

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Nominal effort, ts 1600
Nominal pressure of a liquid, kgs/cm2 320
The greatest course of traverse, mm 1000
Speed of traverse, mm / sec 
At idling 25
At a working course 
At a returnable course 25
The least distance between working surfaces of press plates, mm 975
Distance between columns in light, mm 
At the left - to the right 1600
In front - back 1250
The sizes of press plate, m 
At the left - to the right 1590
In front - back 1450
Thickness of press plate, mm 125
Height of a working surface of press plate above a level of a floor, mm 715
Effort of a pusher, ts 
Top 100
Bottom 160
Course of a pusher, mm 
Top 100
Bottom 400
Overall dimensions of the press, mm 
At the left - to the right 4325
In front - back 2850
Height 9140
Height above a level of a floor 7870
Weight of the press, kg85000

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